All cooking times are based on a 1500-watt microwave oven.

It is important to know the wattage of your microwave because the higher the wattage, the faster your Positively Free® Single will cook. Use this Microwave Power Time Conversion Table to estimate the ideal cooking time for your microwave. Look on the inside door, on the back, or in the owner’s manual to find your microwave’s wattage.

Microwave Label

I found mine listed as on the inside of the microwave (2450MHz), which I converted to 1500 watts (thanks, Google!).

If needed, you can put your Positively Free® Singles back into microwave to add more cooking time. Make sure to check every 10-15 seconds so as not to overcook.

Always remember to let baked treats cool slightly before handling. Make sure to remove items carefully—they will be hot!